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Buy Sofa Set Online __FULL__

Make your living room look elegant and cozy with Nilkamal sofas, which are designed to impress. The perfect combination of utility and style, you can choose from a variety of sofa designs, depending on your decor. You can go for a 1,2, or 3-seater sofa or sofa set, or add dimension to a large hall by opting for stylish and comfortable sectional sofas. Additionally, Nilkamal recliners can be a great addition to your leisure area. Modern designs demand innovation. Nilkamal sofa come beds are a perfect example of such an union. They not only add style to your interiors but also provide space solutions for overnight guests. If you like to draw inspiration from the outdoors, Nilkamal garden sofas create that peaceful corner for you. Available in various price points, Nilkamal sofas can fit into various interior design plans because of their versatility. Explore an expansive collection of Wooden, fabric, or leatherette upholstered sofas and select the one that makes you feel like home.

buy sofa set online

Whether you are setting up a new home or redecorating an old one, aesthetics and lifestyle needs are the key aspects of buying the right furniture. Seating arrangement is one of the first decisions taken while planning home decor and a sofa or sofa set is the most crucial part of that plan. It is where you spend quality time with your family and entertain your guests. So, it is important to bring a balance of style and comfort while creating these spaces. A cozy yet good-looking sofa set for the living room can bring the whole room together and set the tone of your decoration. Being judicious is important while choosing the right size, material, design, and type of sofa you want to buy. Not to mention your budget allocation.

Explore the vast collection of Nilkamal sofas, sofa sets, recliners, sofa come beds, and garden sofas designed and constructed keeping in mind all these aspects to help you make a sound choice. Buying a sofa online is easier on Nilkamal website since it provides detailed information on design, sofa dimensions, upholstery, price range, and purpose for each kind of sofa.

Though we often look at the colour scheme of our furniture first, there are other important aspects to consider before buying a modern sofa set. Below are a few points to keep in mind when you decide to buy sofa sets online.

You can buy them as 1, 2, or 3-seater sofas from the Nilkamal website or create your own sofa set by combining the single seater with their corresponding 3 or 2-seater sofas. Click here to explore this amazing range of Nilkamal sofas.

A sofa frame made of rubberwood, the chair comes with 24 density foam in the back and 26 density foam in the seat. The zigzag spring in the base gives extra comfort while the fabric upholstery adds elegance.

With a structure made of a combination of kiln dried solid wood and plywood, the sofa chair comes with a decorative wooden strip on the front beneath the seat. Plastic legs make it lightweight and easy to move.

The sofa under structure is made of a combination of kiln dried wood and plywood while the seat foam is of 32 Density and back is of 28 density. Along with a webbing structure in the back and seat, the sofa comes with plastic legs but solid wood finish.

Kiln dried Solid wood and plywood combination along with 25 & 28 density foam used in seat and 24 & 20 density in sofa back make for the most comfortable sofa. Fabric upholstery and plastic legs add elegance and practicality in design.

A kiln dried solid wood frame with Elastic webbing, S springs on back and seat base and 50 density foam seat and back. Powder coated steel legs and fabric upholstery add an elegant appearance while multiple position locking in back to convert sofa to bed and vice versa allow you to sit or lie down in maximum comfort.

Whether you are someone who likes classic wooden sofa designs or contemporary modern sofa designs Nilkamal Furnitures has you covered. You can find an array of design styles in various sofa collections by Nilkamal. Fabric or leatherette upholstered cushions, PVC finish, plastic legs with solid wooden finish, natural wood finish, rubber wood structures, metal structures, etc., you can find all sorts of variety. Fabric, structural material, legs, cushion fillings, and various other design aspects have options that can match your distinct needs and preferences. You can either go for a complete fabric sofa set or decide to buy wooden sofa sets online, Nilkamal houses all kinds.

All types of sofa price points are available in the Nilkamal collections to match your budgetary needs. You can filter these products according to your decided price range and check out online sofa set prices before choosing a contemporary sofa for your home.

Nilkamal Furniture website has detailed listings of sofa height, width, depth, and other dimensional information for your convenience. You no longer have to go through the footwork of conventional shopping to choose the right kind of sofa, recliner, corner sofa, or sofa bed. You can get warranty and price related information for each make and model including maintenance instructions on the website. You can avail easy EMI options and get free delivery (conditions applied), installation, and demo. You get a quality assurance certificate with each sofa when you buy sofas online on the Nilkamal website.

You can explore Nilkamal sofa collections to find the best sofa or sofa set that suits your needs and design preferences. You can also choose a L-shaped sofa or a recliner set depending on the space and decor of your living. You can also choose a garden sofa for seating arrangement outdoors.

It all depends on the kind of space you have in your living room. You can choose a sectional sofa if you need to add dimension to a huge hall and create smaller sections. If you want to double your lounge area as a bedroom, you can go for sofa come beds that are stylish yet high on utility. You can go for a compact 2-seater sofa if you have limited space but want to convert it into a comfortable yet cozy family area.

You should go for a colour that suits the interiors and wall paint of the room you want to decorate. Usually light colours go well with dark furniture. If the rest of your furniture is of muted colour, you might want to add a dash of colour by going for dark brown or blue sofa.

If you are looking for a wooden sofa set for your drawing room, you need to keep in mind the colour palette and style of interior decoration. Nilkamal has various options such as Melbourne 3-Seater Sofa, Ripon Sofa, and many more to suit various preferences.

For this guide, we sought companies whose sofas hit the sweet spot of durability, comfort, price, and availability of styles. We wanted to find sofas that could be easily ordered online and returned. Though some of the companies we looked at have showrooms or brick-and-mortar stores, the bulk of this guide covers direct-to-consumer companies that sell online.

Shipping & delivery: Shipping is free for orders over $999 and $49 for anything under that. Article also lists box dimensions and weight on each product page. Since the pandemic, Article has introduced contactless delivery as its default option (to your front door). But you can have the sofa delivered to a designated room for $119 and assembled for an additional $80.

What we liked: Compared with other online offerings we tried, BenchMade Modern sofas are relatively expensive. But we think for the price you get better quality, including a lifetime guarantee for the frame.

Shop here if: You want sleek, modular options that you can customize, as well as competitive prices (within the three sofa styles Burrow offers), and you need to maximize seating in a smaller space.

Shipping & delivery: About $150. Floyd tells you the number of boxes and their dimensions and weight before you order. For an extra fee, you can have the sofa delivered to a specific room, but assembly is not available. Updates on shipping-time estimates and delivery are usually accurate.

Consider how many people will regularly sit on the sofa, as well as how they prefer to sit. Larger families or households that regularly host guests may be drawn to a sectional. But two smaller sofas, or a pair of loveseats, can offer the same amount of seating, or more, while being more flexible.

If you have delicate wood floors, carefully consider the legs of your sofa. From experience, we know that hairpin legs can scrape wood floors. As a last resort, a well-placed area rug can keep sofa feet from damaging a floor.

English roll arm: The cushioned yet firm high-back sofa is distinguished by its low contoured arms leaning outward. This style looks best in traditional and transitional decorated spaces that have enough room not to cramp its size.

Chaise: Imagine the seat of an upholstered chair stretched out, and you have the chaise. Traditionally this sofa features one side with an arm and the other side without (aka a méridienne sofa or fainting couch), but many chaise designs forgo arms altogether.

Camelback: The aristocratic profile of the camelback (also called a humpback sofa) is unsurprisingly attributed to the hump at the center of the backrest. Sometimes there are two humps, and the sofa usually sits atop four to eight exposed wood legs.

After a mattress, a sofa is likely the most-used piece of furniture in a home. The quality of the frame, supports, cushions, and upholstery will affect how long a sofa lasts; this is something we elaborate on in our companion piece, Sofa Buying Advice From the People Who Design and Make Them. In brief, this is what to look for. 041b061a72


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