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Ifeelmyself Immie Up Close 2

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ifeelmyself immie up close 2


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Jimmy is successful at exposing Chuck's resentment of him in court along with suggesting that he might have a mental illness, though is suspended from practice law for a year after Jimmy fabricated Mesa Verde Bank and Trust documents. During his suspension from practicing law, Jimmy worked as a cell phone salesman at CC Mobile, where he began to use the nickname "Saul Goodman" again. Jimmy initially used it as an alias while performing scams alongside his close friend Marco Pasternak, and later makes use of it as the alternate identity for the high-energy pitchman in television ads he produced with his film crew at Saul Goodman Productions, and when he began a business reselling prepaid cell phones on the street. Jimmy then decided to practice law under this name, believing the McGill name was buried and not wanting to be seen as "Chuck's loser brother". During the period of his law license suspension, Jimmy's side business caused him to inadvertently become involved in the Albuquerque drug business as an associate of Mike Ehrmantraut and a legal representative for Lalo Salamanca, with Jimmy subsequently receiving a lot more criminals seeking his services as a result of him being Lalo's lawyer.

In his teenage years, Jimmy began to play his own scams to get quick money. In one of his most famous scams, he would find the most slippery patches of ice every winter, stage a fall, and earn himself a fair amount of money, which earned him the nickname "Slippin' Jimmy" ("Uno"). In another one of his scams, Jimmy (using the alias "Saul Goodman") worked with his close friend and fellow con artist Marco Pasternak to trick others into trading cash for fake Rolex watches ("Hero"). Jimmy also produced fake IDs for his classmates in high school ("Nailed"). Jimmy apparantly used some of the money acquired by scamming to attend bartending school but it's unknown if he ever worked as one. One day, circa 1982, Jimmy attempted to show off while doing a slip-and-fall outside the Marshall Field's department store and hit the ice as hard as he could, accidentally breaking his knees in the process ("Saul Gone").

At police headquarters, Jesse stonewalls the detectives until Saul arrives. Privately, Saul tells Jesse that he'll have to remain in police custody pending a toxicology report on Brock, but that it might be just as well because someone tried to kill Walt in his own home. Following their meeting, Walt rendezvous with Saul, who relays information from Jesse about Gus' visits to Hector Salamanca. Walt doesn't recognize their significance until Saul says that Gus gloated about Hector's family line ending and later told Jesse that Hector killed someone close to him. This information supplied by Jesse through Saul later becomes vital in Walt's plan on getting rid of Gustavo Fring. ("Face Off")

Gene returns to his car in the now-closed mall parking lot and goes home. Panicked, Gene empties a container of diamonds, makes a call, changes his license plates to Missouri plates and drives off listening to a police scanner. At a truck stop diner, Gene refuses a waitress' offers of food and calls Molly to let her know that he's fine and won't be back until Thursday. Gene questions if anyone has been looking for him or hanging around and brushes off Holly's concerns. Gene is relieved to find out that no one was looking for him and spends the next few days hiding in his house listening to the police scanner and keeping watch while drinking. Convinced no one is looking for him, Gene returns to work.

The plea negotiation drags on into the middle of the night, with Castellano's team being forced to agree to a reduced sentence of seven-and-a-half years. Saul successfully pressures the prosecutors to have him serve his sentence in a low-security prison in North Carolina, as opposed to the maximum-security ADX Montrose. Feeling smug, Saul attempts to dangle one last piece of information in a bid to get his sentence reduced even further: the murder of Howard Hamlin. However, he is stunned to learn that Kim has already disclosed the truth of Howard's murder, meaning that he has no more leverage in the negotiations. Oakley is forced to finalize the plea deal while Saul sits in stunned silence.

Saul is sent on a passenger flight to North Carolina, accompanied by Oakley and a U.S. Marshal. Saul asks Oakley what Kim's situation is now that she has disclosed the details of Howard's murder to the authorities. Oakley says that while it remains unlikely that she will be prosecuted, Howard's widow Cheryl is planning to sue her in civil court and take her for everything she has. A thought occurs to Saul; he tells Oakley and the Marshal that he has more information about the murder to trade once they land in North Carolina.

Jimmy's relationship with his older brother Chuck was one of the primary catalysts for his transformation into a criminal lawyer. Chuck was shown to despise his brother for his manipulative and delinquent ways, and took every opportunity to sabotage him in order to prevent him from becoming a successful lawyer, as he knew that Jimmy would always be a conman and resort to unethical measures to get his way. However, Chuck's attempts would only fuel the fire and would push Jimmy closer and closer to his true criminal nature.

Saul is shown to have an extremely poor moral compass and is more than willing to destroy lives in order to help his clients, as seen when he blackmailed Jesse's parents Diane and Adam to sell their property to Jesse at half price by threatening to disclose the meth lab that had been in the basement, and even murder does not faze him as he suggested numerous times to Walt to permanently remove a threat, notably Jesse and his brother-in-law Hank Schrader. 350c69d7ab


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