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[S4E18] The Runaway Found

On April 6, 1960, the 28-year-old Oliver played a spoiled young runaway, Maggie Hamilton, who gets soundly spanked by scout Flint McCullough (Robert Horton), in "The Maggie Hamilton Story" on NBC's Wagon Train.[4] On November 9, 1960, she was cast as the lead guest star in "The Cathy Eckhart Story" on Wagon Train, with husband-and-wife actors John Larch and Vivi Janiss as Ben and Sarah Harness.

[S4E18] The Runaway Found

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A car is found at the bottom of a lake with the remains of a woman missing since 1999 inside. The detectives learn the woman had endured dire financial straits after her husband's death and was forced to live in the car with her two young daughters. Meanwhile, Jeffries confronts the hit and run driver who caused his wife's death.

An environmental group finds a car while testing the bottom of a lake. The Philadelphia police department takes over the case when a female skeleton and a bullet are found inside the car, together with some household stuff. From the car's registration plate, the detectives trace back the victim's identity. She was Marlene Bradford, mother of two girls, Abby and Natalie. After the girls' father died of cancer, they lost everything, including their home, to pay the medical expenses. Marlene and her daughters started living in their car. Then on Abby's tenth birthday, on November 17, 1999, Marlene disappeared; she dropped her daughters off at school and never came back. The girls were placed in foster care and soon separated.

Later in the car, Marlene and Natalie had a tiff over what she had done. Natalie gave her mother some harsh words to which Marlene replied by slapping her daughter. Natalie ran away and Marlene couldn't stop her. Still, she went looking for her and found her at their old house. They apologized to each other. Marlene decided to try her luck with the lottery ticket. It came out to be a $25 win. They were happy because they could now afford a cake for Abby's birthday. Marlene told Natalie they would have a decent celebration for Abby's birthday when they came back from school but first, she had to pay a "finder's fee." Because of that detail, the police realized that Hopper was the last person to see Marlene the day she disappeared.

The cops realized that Hopper was lying all along and started questioning him. He confessed the crime; Marlene came back to the park saying the ticket was a winner and handed over his half of the money. He couldn't believe it was only a $25 win and all he got was $12. He wanted more; he wanted the remainder of the half-million dollars he thought they won and his dreams of reuniting with his family to come true. Marlene tried to remind him that it had been years and his son was now an adult but Hopper refused to listen. He started searching her car for the rest of the money, crushing the cake Marlene had just bought for Abby. She tried to stop him and make him see reason. Instead, Hopper lost control and shot Marlene with the gun he had found in the car.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins tells Grissom that Tony suffered multiple fractures to his face. He's also missing six teeth, four more than were found at the scene. There's one tooth at the back of Tony's mouth, and the doc assumes that he swallowed the other three. Doc Robbins sees no evidence of foreign tool marks, which backs up Warrick's theory that Tony was beaten to death with fists. There are no defensive wounds on Tony's hands or forearms, indicating that Tony was restrained. Based on the bruising patterns, Grissom guesses that one man inflicted the beating, as there wouldn't be enough room for other attackers to get their hits in.

Nick and Sara look over Walter's car, which was found in the casino parking lot and brought to the CSI garage. The car is packed full of garbage, leading them to wonder how Walter was able to even drive it. In the trunk, Sara finds a bloody blue shirt and a bloody pair of jeans; she notes that Walter didn't even try to hide the evidence of his crime. The jeans test positive for blood. Amongst the garbage in the car, Nick finds a box full of casino chips and estimates that there's a few thousand dollars worth there. Sara wonders if Walter's crimes weren't about money, as she finds clothing with the original tags still on them. Nick digs deeper into the car and finds a waitress' blouse. The nametag on it indicates that someone named Libby worked at the Roadside Diner. He notices two burn marks on the blouse, as well. Sara wonders what Walter could've done to Libby, given that he was capable of taking on a bunch of armed police officers.

Meanwhile, Greg ran the DNA on the hair found in the baseball cap and tells Catherine and Grissom that it came back to Marissa's son. Catherine notes that the kid would be eight years old now if he were still alive. Sara walks into the DNA lab and tells everyone that the postmark on the envelope sent to Sean was from Henderson. Walter's motel, however, is in Sloan. Grissom states that Walter wouldn't go all that way to mail a letter.

In interrogation, Beth tells Catherine and Grissom that Walter showed up to her house one night with a baby. He handed her the baby and left without saying a word. She claims that Walter later told her the baby's mother was a runaway and that she didn't want the baby. Beth took the baby in and loved him as her own. The scar on Martin's forehead appears to have come from the tip of the hunting knife Walter used to cut the baby out of Marissa after he had already killed her.

Catherine and Grissom know that Marissa didn't sign the note she wrote to Sean and it's unlikely that Walter wrote it. Beth tells them that she found Walter's suitcase and found the photo of Sean and Marissa inside of it. She admits to writing the note so that the father (Sean) didn't have to suffer. Beth tells Catherine that Walter giving her the baby was the only good thing he ever did, and that he surely didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart.

Episode twenty ended on a somewhat sour note. With Barry seemingly vaporized and Jesse and Wally both unconscious from the blast, Team Flash took one hell of a hit. Barry's fate was unknown until Cisco had a vibe and found him alive but trapped in the Speed Force.

Artie has a piece of a puzzle box; if he gets the other half, the box will lead him to where the pirate put his stash. He has found a dealer in upstate New York with the other half that will sell it to him if they can get there in five hours. 041b061a72


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